Six Nations Tourism Presents Movie Monday: Qallunaat! Why White People Are Funny
Date: November 25 @ 7PM
Cost: Admission by Donation

Six Nations Tourism is excited to take you to explore our Northern neighbours perspective for November’s #MovieMonday selection! “Qallunaat! Why White People Are Funny” is a thought-provoking and hilarious documentary from filmmaker Mark Sandiford.

This 2006 documentary pokes fun at the ways in which Inuit people have been treated as “exotic” documentary subjects by turning the lens onto the strange behaviours of Qallunaat (the Inuit word for white people). The term refers less to skin colour than to a certain state of mind: Qallunaat (kha-loo-naht) greet each other with inane salutations, repress natural bodily functions, complain about being cold, and want to dominate the world. Their odd dating habits, unsuccessful attempts at Arctic exploration, overbearing bureaucrats and police, and obsession with owning property are curious indeed.

This fascinating film is the result of a collaboration between filmmaker Mark Sandiford and Inuit writer and satirist Zebedee Nungak. “Qallunaat!” brings the documentary form to an unexpected place in which oppression, history, and comedy collide.

Admission is by donation, and refreshments and popcorn will be provided. Don’t forget to bring your refillable water bottle, or purchase your very own from Six Nations Tourism. We will also be releasing the brand-new 2020 Movie Monday schedule, so be sure to join us!

Watch a sneak peek of the documentary below.

Movie Summary
“Qallunaat! Why White People Are Funny” is a documentary written from the Inuit perspective on the oddities of Qallunaat (the Inuit word for white people). A mix of satire, comedy and Indigenous facts on everything from why white people are obsessed with owning things, to their odd dating habits. 

Showing will be at the Gathering Place by the Grand, with doors opening at 6:30PM. Arrive early for the best seat!