Gathering Our Good Minds Collaboration Event
Date: August 17, 10:00AM – 4:00PM
Cost: $20 for Lunch

The Gathering Our Good Minds Collaboration Event is happening Saturday August 17th at the Gathering Place by the Grand. Doors open at 10:00AM and all are welcome!

This Gathering focuses on exploring how to experience and contribute to personal and collective well-being. When we feel well, our Good Mind energies flow freely and we are more creative and compassionate. This event hopes to inspire community members to act on opportunities as they arise, and co-create positive changes.

Through this event, attendees will practice ways to resolve differences with dignity, ingenuity, and integrity. These innovative practices and solutions enable communities to move forward together.

All are welcome, and lunch will be provided for a slight cost. Organizers are asking that collaborators contribute $20, to help pay for the venue and meal. The lunch menu includes garden salad, sandwiches, wraps, veggie tray, individual cake and berry dessert, and assorted soft drinks.

Get ready to experience amazing synergy, when you gather with your Good Minds.

For more information about this event or to RSVP, please contact one of the following: